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Dry Fertilizer


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We are able to offer growers precise dry applications with two Airmax spreaders that can spread fertilizer or seed.

Our commitment to providing precision spreading is apparent in our use of boom spreaders.  We believe that air booms offer a superior spread pattern compared to traditional spinner spreaders.  Some of the benefits of our spreaders include:
  • Able to spread a more definite edge with less product being spread past field boundaries
  • Provide a uniform spread pattern when spreading in the wind
  • Equipped with section control there is less product overlap therefore less waste and more product where needed
  • Fertilizer blends with inconsistent particles or variable densities are better distributed
  • With dual bin capacity two products can be spread at the same time at different rates
  • Can accurately spread fertilizer, seed or a blend of both
  • GPS controllers that provide a coverage map for the grower to keep for records
  • Variable rate prescription maps can be uploaded and applied
  • Flotation tires for non crop application work that provides minimal soil compaction 
  • Skinny tires for in crop application work that provides low crop disturbance